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Now for a limited time, order two bottles for just $25!


Soft, silky matte black silicone with our classic Soul Travela logo in a Cool Gray gloss that illuminates when caught in the light. The two part twist-on lid system incorporates the silicone to form a liquid-tight seal, and the mouthpiece easily tilts down to open for drinking or pouring.


Our BPA free silicone bottle withstands exposure to extreme temperatures, harsh chemicals, sterilization, rain, snow, ultraviolet radiation, acid rain… Basically any adventure you throw at it! Or throw it at?

It will last you a lifetime because silicone doesn't break down. Yet, silicone is fully recyclable. Even if taken to a landfill and incinerated, it converts back into amorphous silica, carbon dioxide, and water; making it an ecologically (and economically) superior choice.


Our silicone bottles are:

  • 600ml. That's 4/5 of a wine bottle (yup!) in a deceptively small looking 10.5" tall container.
  • Shatter-proof. Drop them off a mountain!
  • Antimicrobial. Making them odor proof; silicone is non-porous= less opportunity for bacteria to grow.
  • Stain proof. Goes with the whole non-porousness of silicone. Also, the bottles are black. You'll just have to take our word on this one...
  • Melt proof. Pour some hot water and a teabag in your bottle and zip it up in your jacket to keep warm. Then enjoy your tea!
  • Freeze proof. Conversely, fill up your bottle 2/3rds with clean, filtered water; throw it in the freezer and have ice cold water-- without the worry of leaching Bisphenol A's, B's, or other hormone disrupting plastic chemicals into your drinking water.


THE BEST PART ABOUT OUR SILICONE FOLDING BOTTLES: They roll up when empty to save precious room in your travel bag! The included strap, while looking like a mere design feature, actually wraps around your bottle to keep it compact. Head up the trail with two bottles of water, and condense your space on your way down.

2 for 25 Soul Travela Silicone Folding Bottle

Color: Black
  • If you're not happy with your Soul Travela gear, please let us know and we will do our best to make you happy! Refunds are limited to 7 days between receiving product and addressing an issue, and to cost of product minus shipping.

  • Please allow us one day to ship your Soul Travela gear.

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