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Ah.. The ancient philiosophical concept of Yin and Yang; dark and light, feminine and masculine, passive and active, work and leisure, sorrow and joy. We strive to attain balance in life; ever contemplating that fruitful paradox of simultaneous unity/duality. But we recognize that just as the Taichi is constantly moving, transforming from one to the other and back again in eternal harmony, so will we never quite be equally balanced.. but can be found in motion at any place along the pendulum's swing.

Tao Koi Designer Tee

  • Our designer tees are beloved expressions of art, culture, and inspiration.

    They are unique from regular ol' t-shirts in that the fabric is printed before the shirt is sewn together, allowing for all-over 100% coverage of the design. The result is an exclusive, eye-catching, wearable art canvas printed on the softest high quality fabric that withstands the test of time, wear, and wash. To ensure the longest possible life of your Soul Travela Designer Tee, make sure to wash inside-out with cold water.

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